Sunday, September 30, 2012

How About Some Nigiris? Review of Kintaro From Santiago De Chile

The sushi bar is located near the "Plaza de Armas", in the center of the city. The first thing you notice when you walk in is that the decoration: very Japanese style, clear wood chairs and tables, prints on the walls. Not long after you are seated, a waitress brings you hot towels to clean your hand which is always a good thing. Now the menu: makis, sashimis, japanese dishes, there is a pretty varied choice.

For a starter we order 6 gyosas with a coke and a beer (a Kwak which is a tasty beer from Belgium, I know it's better to drink beers with light taste when you eat sushis but I'm addicted to this one!), which were good but we are here for... SUSHIS! So my girlfriend chooses an "Osaka Maki": a california roll of salmon and cream cheese wrapped with avocado. I choose the "Sushi Mori Especial": different kinds of nigiri: salmon, unagui, reineta (a local fish with white flesh), fish roe, octopus, kanikama, shrimp and omelette. To drink, I ask a little bottle of sake, which you can order at the temperature you want (personally I like it warm).

The dishes arrive, brought by the Japanese owner of the restaurant, who helps to serve because the place is grounded (by the way if you want to eat here a Saturday night, it's better to reserve before). And in a few words: it's delicious. Fish is so fresh, rice melts in your mouth, it was like having a box of candies! My favorites were the salmon, octopus, and the fish roe nigiris. In addition, the wasabi is really good, nothing like the one you find in tubes: really spicy, but does not mask the subtle flavors of the fish. My girlfriend's roll was good, but nothing exceptional according to her. (not so easy to eat as it seems the avocado felled off easily)

A top restaurant if you want to eat traditional sushis in the center of Santiago, in a Japanese atmosphere. The food is delicious, the ambiance is busy but in Chile it's kinda normal, so if you prefer have a quiet lunch, try it a weekday (Advice: if you go there, try the salmon sashimis, they are cut thick as I like, by far the best I've tried until now.)

Price: 40$ for a roll, a nigiri plate, 6 gyozas, one beer, a coke, and a bottle of sake.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bar Review of Fajita Republic in Green Bay, WI

My friends love margaritas. I do not. But I don't like being a Debbie Downer even more, so when my crew was dead set on those tangy tequila treats I couldn't say no. We made our way over to Fajita Republic. This fine Mexican cuisine restaurant is located on the East side of Green Bay, just a hop, skip and a jump from Mackinaws. Fajita Republic does have an outdoor patio, set up all cute-like, but it was a little chilly and windy so we all opted to sit inside. Yes, I know I'm a baby when it comes to cold weather. I suppose the Florida girl in me will never fully leave.

We swooped in on a Monday when they have two for one house margaritas. Lucky me. When you first walk in, you are graciously greeted by a host, with the bar side on the left and the dining side on the right. We opted to sit on the bar side. Now, you can eat and drink on either side, but the bar side looked a bit more lively and we were in the mood for the typical bar scene. On the bar side there are hi-top tables and booths if you don't feel like sitting at the actual bar. The place is decorated with Mexican inspired murals painted in bright, bold colors. There is lots of stuff on the walls to keep your little eyes busy. And if that isn't enough you can watch any one of the TV's over the bar or at the booths. That's right folks, there are TV's at the booths. We didn't turn ours on due to something else holding our attention, something called conversation.

If you're not in the mood for margaritas (like me), have no fear, Fajita Republic has more than enough beer in bottles and on draft to keep a person happy. On draft they carry Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Leinie's Honey, XX, Modelo, Negra Modelo, Blue Moon, Spotted Cow, and Alaskan Amber. In bottles they have more of the typical Bud, Miller and Coors products as well as a few cool Mexican ones like, Sol, Pacifico, Corona, Corona Light, Bohemia and Tecate. There is also a Signature Drink menu to check out if you want a liquor beverage. The Domestic bottles are $3.50 while the Import bottles are $4. As for the taps, the prices start at $3.25 and end at $4.25. On a side note: make sure to ask the bartenders and/or servers the specials, they will be more than happy to let you know the goodies going on that particular day. I didn't see any signs and no one really said anything about the specials until we asked.

As a whole, my friends and I had a blast. Fajita Republic has a fun and friendly atmosphere with a little something for everyone.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Restaurant Review of Angelina's in Green Bay, WI

Angelina's is an Italian restaurant located in downtown Green Bay, Wi. The restaurant is run and owned by an Italian family from Sicily, Italy. All their sauces and family recipes are made in house. I stopped in for lunch and since it was a beautiful weather day, I chose to sit on their outside patio, which is located behind the restaurant. Their patio is quite charming.

The patio's atmosphere gives off the feel of walking into a café in Italy. There are pretty floral planters and ivy growing everywhere. My server brought me a menu and told me of the lunch specials for that day. I chose a panini meatball sandwich which comes with a small salad for $11.00. My server brought my beverage and also brought out sliced bread with fresh parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. As I waited for my sandwich I enjoyed my peaceful surroundings with music playing in the background. After a time, my salad was brought out first. It consisted of fresh mixed greens, small fresh mozzarella balls, cucumbers and tomatoes mixed with delicious light homemade vinaigrette dressing. After I finished with my salad, I was then brought out my sandwich. The sandwich consisted of two homemade very large meatballs, spread with their in-house made sauce and melted fontina cheese, all inside a toasted multigrain ciabatta bread. The panini sandwich had such a delicious savory flavor that I wish I had more to take home with me!

I then ordered dessert; a dish of pistachio gelato for $6.00. The gelato consisted of two scoops with fresh shaved pistachio nuts sprinkled on top. The gelato was delicious and of good color and quality; for I have had my share of gelatos when I vacationed in Florence and Rome, Italy. Angelina's also serves dinners and have a wonderful wine list and full bar.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What Are the Variations of Casual Dining Restaurants?

Casual dining is different from fine dining in many aspects; from the ambiance to food service, the price of food, even your attire is a distinct factor. A casual dining restaurant serves reasonable priced food and beverages within a casual surrounding. This type of restaurant is not hard to find. In fact, they are everywhere and scattered around the city. Thus, finding one will just be a breeze.

Before you go on dining, let's identify the different types of casual dining restaurants. These types of restaurants differ from the kind of customers they focus on, and the sort of environment that is created. You could be so comfortable dining at these restaurants, because there's no dress code and other delicate dining etiquette to follow. We can call them as hybrid-type of restaurants, because they're one part fine dining and one part fast-food restaurant.

Fast Food Chain

A fast food chain is your everyday restaurant, where you can dine when you are in a hurry. Quick service is the motto of these establishments. The staffs are trained to work in a fast-paced motion. The utensils and plates are all disposable, so cleaning the table for other incoming customers will be fast.

Food and Music Bar

This type of restaurant is perfect for friendly gatherings. You can enjoy live music entertainment while eating good foods and sipping on some cocktail drinks. The ambiance differs from one bar to another. Some are an outdoor-style bar, like a patio. Some are themed from the kind of music that the bar usually plays. They also offer table service and a good variety of foods to choose from.

Eat-all-you-can Buffet

As the name says it, buffet style restaurants offer their customers a wide selection of foods at a fixed priced. Food trays are arranged in bars, and customers are ought to serve themselves. The food selection can be quite limited or very extensive, depending on the restaurant. The menu is divided into categories such as appetizers, salad, soup, hot and cold entrees, dessert and fruits. The range of cuisine can be assorted or focused only on one type.


This is a typical restaurant that serves mostly ready-cooked meals at the back of the food-serving counter. A customer usually gets a food tray and pushes it along the track of the counter while deciding for his/her order. Depending on the cafeteria, servings may be requested from attendants, and there is a little or no table service.


These are casual restaurants that emphasized on serving coffee and other beverages, without table service. The meals here are usually sandwiches, and a limited selection of cold foods such as cakes and pastries. Coffeehouse has a distinguished characteristic, which they allow their customers to relax and socialize on their establishment for long periods of time. This is a reason why some meetings are held in a coffeehouse.


The term "bistro" usually indicates either a cafe with a larger food menu, or a fast casual dining restaurant with a European-influenced menu. Bistro is a kind of casual dining restaurant that serves single dishes and other meals in a relaxing ambiance. Bistros are very popular for serving their customers with reasonable priced meals in an unpretentious environment.

Although these restaurants differ in setting and food service, they all share one purpose, and that is to serve you happily with their house specialty, and satisfy your every craving.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Outback Steakhouse Offers Plenty of Coupons

If you like steak and want to enjoy one inexpensively, then Outback Steakhouse offers plenty of deals to make that happen. For those who have never visited the Outback, it is an Australian themed restaurant that offers American Cuisine in 669 domestic and 111 International locations. The first Outback steakhouse opened in 1988 and as it's popularity grew so did the number of these casual dining restaurants.

Steak And More

There is little doubt that beef is the specialty of the house at the Outback, particularly their steaks that are heavily spiced. (They actually have 17 different spice blends for their steaks alone!) You can choose to have your steak cooked the old fashioned way on a griddle with butter, or choose the lighter option of having your steak grilled over an oak flame.

Besides, steaks the Outback also serves burgers, prime rib, chicken, seafood and salad. While the beer they offer is often limited and may differ from restaurant to restaurant they normally have one Australian lager to offer for those who want to pretend they are really in the country down under.

Other than their steaks their most popular food seems to be the onion bloom with it's accompanying sauce. Their prime rib also seems to have a lot of fans judging from reviews.

Many Ways To Save Money

Besides their steaks one of the things that the Outback Steakhouses do well is save their customer's money. They have a variety of money saving coupons as well as several special deals. Some of the deals include:

    Special prices on dinners for seniors Monday-Thursday
    $5.00 off coupons for ordering a $25.00 online
    Free child breakfast coupons
    Free appetizers (usually with an entree)
    $10.00 off any two entrees
    $5.00 off any two entrees
    A Special $10.00 bonus gift card if you purchase a $50.00 gift card
    $5.00 gift card for giving your opinion of the Outback Steakhouse

You can also get the latest daily deals and specials by following the restaurant's Facebook page, which may result in even more savings.

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for the Outback are pretty good with the restaurant rating 4 out 5 stars in most reviews regardless of the location. Interestingly enough almost none of the negative reviews is in regard to the food which most reviewers seem to feel is superior to most restaurant chains. The problems seem to lie mainly with some of the wait staff in some of the locations. Several reviewers actually stated that the service itself was hit or miss depending who your server was.

Reviewers also felt that the Outback was a great place to get great food, but was not the kind of atmosphere where you were really encouraged to linger and just hang out after you meal was finished.

Overall, Outback Steakhouse seems to the type of casual dining restaurant where you would want to go if you are looking for great food at reasonable price and the many different coupons they have to offer makes the Outback an even more attractive choice. However, if you are looking for a place to enjoy a good meal and then spend a couple of hours sitting and relaxing over coffee this may not be the restaurant of choice.