Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bar Review of Fajita Republic in Green Bay, WI

My friends love margaritas. I do not. But I don't like being a Debbie Downer even more, so when my crew was dead set on those tangy tequila treats I couldn't say no. We made our way over to Fajita Republic. This fine Mexican cuisine restaurant is located on the East side of Green Bay, just a hop, skip and a jump from Mackinaws. Fajita Republic does have an outdoor patio, set up all cute-like, but it was a little chilly and windy so we all opted to sit inside. Yes, I know I'm a baby when it comes to cold weather. I suppose the Florida girl in me will never fully leave.

We swooped in on a Monday when they have two for one house margaritas. Lucky me. When you first walk in, you are graciously greeted by a host, with the bar side on the left and the dining side on the right. We opted to sit on the bar side. Now, you can eat and drink on either side, but the bar side looked a bit more lively and we were in the mood for the typical bar scene. On the bar side there are hi-top tables and booths if you don't feel like sitting at the actual bar. The place is decorated with Mexican inspired murals painted in bright, bold colors. There is lots of stuff on the walls to keep your little eyes busy. And if that isn't enough you can watch any one of the TV's over the bar or at the booths. That's right folks, there are TV's at the booths. We didn't turn ours on due to something else holding our attention, something called conversation.

If you're not in the mood for margaritas (like me), have no fear, Fajita Republic has more than enough beer in bottles and on draft to keep a person happy. On draft they carry Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Leinie's Honey, XX, Modelo, Negra Modelo, Blue Moon, Spotted Cow, and Alaskan Amber. In bottles they have more of the typical Bud, Miller and Coors products as well as a few cool Mexican ones like, Sol, Pacifico, Corona, Corona Light, Bohemia and Tecate. There is also a Signature Drink menu to check out if you want a liquor beverage. The Domestic bottles are $3.50 while the Import bottles are $4. As for the taps, the prices start at $3.25 and end at $4.25. On a side note: make sure to ask the bartenders and/or servers the specials, they will be more than happy to let you know the goodies going on that particular day. I didn't see any signs and no one really said anything about the specials until we asked.

As a whole, my friends and I had a blast. Fajita Republic has a fun and friendly atmosphere with a little something for everyone.

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