Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Japanese Cuisine? Not Me!

Hundreds of years ago, before westernization, each community had its own traditions. Just like the traditions in other continents and countries, the Japanese are well known for their culture and their traditional food. Food lovers, chefs or any restaurant owner is familiar with their cuisine. Some of the Japanese cuisines that are well known locally and outside the country include sushi, sashimi, tempura and buckwheat noodles. These delicacies are mainly based on combination of the staple food, usually steamed rice, with a number of side and main dishes. It might also come with a clear "miso" soup and a few pickles. Another unique characteristic of this cuisine is the fact that some ingredients are only used seasonally, making it dependent on nature.

When it comes to serving the dishes, the Japanese serve their food in a way that contrasts greatly with the other countries where large sauce pans, pots and plates placed at the middle of the table. On the other hand, Japanese cuisines are served in a unique style. Rice is served solely in a small bowl and the side dish is served in a separate plate or bowl.

Well, everyone uses their own bowls. According to tradition, different dishes are not supposed to be in contact with each other and that is why every dish is served in its own plate. Alternatively, the dishes are partitioned using leaves. A good example is in the preparation of "tamagoyaki" where the eggs and the fish are separated carefully. In the olden days, each meal would be brought in serving trays and it is common to see the faldstool trays in use.

Traditional Japanese food is characterized by the rare use of meat, oils and fats, and dairy products. The use of the soy sauce leads to a high content of mineral salts in many of their traditional dishes. The less consumption of meat comes from the fact that Japan is an island and its citizens have always taken advantage of the abundant seafood supply. Japanese diet consists mainly of grains, vegetables and seaweeds. Red meat, on the other hand, is rare in Japanese meals. In the preparation of Japanese meals, fat is used in very small proportions and the food is normally flavored using additives like: soy sauce, sake and mirin, vinegar, sugar and salt.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a well-known destination for finding a plethora of cuisine options. No matter where you turn in Brooklyn, New York, you'll be able to find a restaurant that your taste buds are craving. Anyone who lives in New York or even people who are traveling to the state will find some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn.

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

Al Di La Trattoria

The delectable Italian food, how could you ever pass up on that? You'll be amazed by even the simplest foods served at this restaurant, even the bread and butter is extraordinary. You'll find Al Di La Trattoria on 248 Fifth Avenue and it's easy to spot. Simply look for the burgundy colored building with yellow canopies hanging above the windows and you'll know you're in the right place. You'll walk in and be treated to a menu with an exquisite selection of authentic Italian food.

Carpaccio, Seppia and Oxtail and Zuppa Del Giorno Malfatti are just a small selection of items in their menu. You won't want to miss out on their wine selection either.


If you love pizza, this is a restaurant that you need to pay a visit to. This delicious Italian restaurant not only allows you to feast on some of your favorite pizzas but you can also indulge in calzones, salads and a large selection of macaroni dishes to enjoy. From the moment you walk in, you'll believe you're in a true Italian pizzeria. Located at 426 Seventh Avenue, you can't pass the opportunity up to enjoy some of your favorite Italian dishes.

The River Cafe

The River Cafe is the perfect restaurant for anyone that is looking for a romantic evening with your partner or even if it's a first date. It is located on One Water Street in Brooklyn, New York and features some of the most spectacular views of the New York skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty.

This restaurant is a five star luxury for anyone who is looking to splurge a little on their night out. The River Cafe offers a fine selection of American delicacies including the Colorado Rack of Lamb, Crisp Duck Breast and Organic Chicken Breast for some of your dinner choices. They also have a variety of lunch dishes such as the New York Cut Sirloin and Shellfish Duet followed by a delicious dessert menu that you won't want to leave without.


Tanoreen is located on 7523 Third Avenue in Brooklyn and offers some of the best Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that your taste buds will ever enjoy. Tanoreen is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a casual dining experience that the whole family can enjoy. Some of the main entrees served at Tanoreen are the Baked Mediterranean Eggplant, Shepard's Pie and Kafta. There's also a variety of sides, seafood dishes and four Middle Eastern inspired dessert options for you to choose from. Tanoreen is a family business opened up by Rawia Bishara in 1998 with her daughter joining the team in 2006.


You'll find the Islands at 803 Washington Avenue. They serve both lunch and dinner but if you're looking for alcohol, unfortunately they won't have any of your favorite drinks. Good news is that it's BYOB so you'll still be able to have a nice drink while you dine on some magnificent Caribbean cuisine.

If you decide the Islands is a restaurant you might be interested in trying, the Jerk Wings are an absolute must try as an appetizer. You'll also be amazed by their shrimp dishes, particularly the Calypso Shrimp. The restaurant however is pretty small and not the ideal location that you'd want to dine at but the food is phenomenal. You won't leave disappointed!


Traif specializes in American soul food. You'll want to keep coming back for more as soon as you walk out of the restaurant. The experience and service is fantastic from the moment you walk through the door. The strawberry glazed baby back ribs are a favorite among everyone who decides to give them a try but you'll also have many other entrees to choose from if it doesn't sound appealing to you. Traif is located at 229 South Fourth Street and recently opened their doors on Mondays for a relaxing cocktail bar.

The Farm on Adderley

The food at The Farm on Adderley is consistently delicious no matter how many times you go or what day of the week it is. American cuisine is their specialty and you won't be disappointed by their Farm Burger or Griddled Striped Bass, every entree is cooked to perfection. You'll find The Farm on Adderley on 1108 Cortelyou Road.

Gandhi Fine Indian Cuisine

Gandhi offers the most authentic Indian food you'll find in Brooklyn. You'll feel as if you're in an Indian family's home being served outstanding dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Gandhi is located in a small building at 2032 Bedford Avenue. You'll be able to enjoy delicious dishes such as the Mali Kofta, Pakoras and the Matar Paneer.

Tacis Beyti

If you're in the mood for delicious Turkish cuisine, head off to Tacis Beyti at 1955 Coney Island Avenue and you'll be in for a genuine treat. Lamb Shish Kebab, Shepherd Salad, Chicken Gyro, the selection is superb. If you're tight on a budget, this is also a great option for you.

Saul Restaurant

Saul Restaurant features six different entrees for an unforgettable dinner. American dishes including Alaskan King Salmon, Pan Roasted Skate, Local Striped Bass, Four Story Hill Farms Veal Sweetbreads, Maine Diver Scallops and Pace Farms Pork Tasting are all the choices you won't want to miss out on. You can find Saul Restaurant on 140 Smith Street.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Amazing Fusion Roll at Senz, Santiago De Chile

Friday night, waiting for movies seance, and hungry. That's how I felt and I was already resigned to go to the "patio de comida" to eat a cheeseburger (yes, I like cheeseburger too ^^). So I was on my way when I saw this all new Asiatic-style bar. One look at the menu after, I was seated ordering some drinks for me and my girlfriend. (by the way the Piña Colada was top notch according to her)

The waitress at the entree presented us Senz like a "Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine". For those who don't know about Peruvian food, it's one of the best in the world in my opinion, with strong tastes and awesome sauces. On the menu you will find ceviches, fish and meat dishes, and about 20 different kinds of rolls. From traditionals to really originals ones, the choice isn't so easy as I wanted to try them all!

I go for the Nazka Roll: a maki with tuna, cream cheese, avocado, masago (fish roe), wrapped in white fish with rocoto salsa, a strong red Peruvian pepper.

The maki arrives very fast, which is good: I'm not gonna have to eat it in 2 minutes so I don't miss the movie. First, the presentation is nice: a long white plate, it's colorful, shiny, it really makes your mouth water. Some photos and a few ginger later, I put the first piece in my mouth. And it's good... very good... delicious! Under the tender white fish wrapping, the flavors arrive one after another, tuna, cream cheese... The rice is so light, you can feel every grain, perfectly cooked. The masago explodes with its salty taste, omg there's a party in my mouth! Then you can feel a little heat because of the rocoto salsa, but it's just the thing. (For those who have already eaten in a Peruvian restaurant, this rocoto salsa isn't as hot at all, fortunately). The heat becomes more pronounced as I eat more of this Nazca maki, but never too much, this is pretty cool as the experience changes after every bite.

My girlfriend took the "Filete del Mar", a local fish filet (reineta) with vegetables glazed with teriyaki sauce, and for tried it, it was really tasty too. The fish wasn't dry at all and the flavors were well balanced between salty and sweet.

The service was good, asking my girlfriend if the Piña Colada was at her taste, very polite, and ready to give advices about the menu. I liked the atmosphere too, cool music, not too loud, well lightened and quiet.

I wasn't motivated to eat in any restaurant, and finally I have enjoyed an awesome maki in this sushi bar. I'll definitely return there, and try another fusion roll.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air From an Oxygen Bar

Oxygen therapy has long been popular in Japan since the early 1990s. Its novelty as a recreational facility has spread in the United States and is considered to be an important fixture in spas and business lounges. The air we breath in contains only a little percentage of oxygen and more of nitrogen and other forms of gas that could be toxic to the human body. Although it does not have any solid proof of having beneficial health effects, its main purpose of replenishing the body with highly concentrated oxygen generally increases mental alertness, reduces severity of headache, and relaxation of the whole body. Many users would attest to this theory and this is why many people want to have a sniff of this precious oxygen experience.

How does it work?

An oxygen bar operates by having an oxygen concentrator placed in a comfortable room. A nasal cannula is connected to the machine in which the customer breaths from. The oxygen can be flavored with different scents such as peppermint, cranberry, and wintergreen among others. It costs 1 USD for every minute of oxygen inhalation and it is suggested to have a set session of at least 10- 20 minutes or longer depending on the preference of the customer.

The oxygen used in oxygen bars are not medical gas. But, as the oxygen is being administered for breathing, it is still considered as a prescript oxygen. People with asthma and other serious lung diseases are advised to seek the advice of a medical doctor before having a session.

This facility nowadays is no longer exclusive to spas, casinos, and other posh places. You can have the convenience of having one during any kind of event. Gala events, company parties, trade shows, etc. has the potential to be successful if you will install an oxygen bar equipment on the venue.

There are qualified companies who offer different packages for oxygen rentals that comes with complete oxygen bar supplies for that ultimate oxygen infused sessions for your guests. A portable oxygen bar will cost so low compared to other means of captivating your audiences. With the effects of the oxygen infused air, your guests will become more receptive and very relaxed for the duration of the event.

Oxygen bar rentals are risk- free recreation tools that leaves all who experience it with a clear mind, refreshed feeling, and relieved from stress. There are really no detrimental health effects from it and even the American Lung Association would agree that breathing in highly concentrated oxygen for a short period of time is not dangerous to your health. But then again, it is only for a recreational purpose and not to be regarded as a treatment of any form of whatever disease you may have.

Breathing in oxygen concentrated air stimulates the body positively and making it work to its full potential. Remember to deal only with a trustworthy oxygen bar equipment provider. This is to make sure that you get only the best and top- quality oxygen bar supplies for your needs.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Oakville Restaurant Scene Bolstered by Vibrant Local Foodie Culture

What is the foodie culture of Oakville? Is there access to foodie literature? Are there cooking classes and tasting evenings? How, one might ask, is the Oakville restaurant scene affected by its proximity to Toronto, or by the increasingly diverse ethnic makeup of the community? What follows is one writer's attempt to answer these questions.

1. Fiction for Foodies section at the library

Knowing how to cater to all readers, including those with a special interest in cookbooks and other artifacts of foodie culture, is part of the job of being a librarian, a task that has been embraced by the librarians at the public library system in Oakville. Restaurant-goers and home cooks alike are encouraged to feast on a selection of "Fiction for Foodies," which features such titles as:

- Pomegranate Soup, A Novel

- Comfort Food

- Deep Dish

- State of the Onion

One wonders whether this kind of reading makes the users of the public libraries more discerning patrons of the Oakville restaurant scene. Could be an interesting topic for debate at one of the libraries event evenings, which brings us to our next topic...

2. Foodie Events

Gourmet cooking is not the sole domain of the many professional chefs employed at the restaurants and catering services in Oakville and the surrounding region. The area is also graced with cooking classes for amateur foodies interested in learning how to cook like a pro.

The Oakville restaurant scene also has a twice-annual event called "A Taste of Downtown Oakville" where different establishments offer a prix-fixe menu. The fact that competing restaurants feel comfortable cooperating in this manner suggests a high level of confidence about the quality of their own services.

3. A Dose of Competition

The Oakville restaurant scene is competing for customers with Canada's biggest metropolis, Toronto. Catering services in Oakville that specialize in the wedding market, for example, know that their potential customers may be checking our similar services across the Greater Toronto Area. For some, this may be daunting; for others, it may be an inspiration to provide the freshest, whole-food ingredients and to keep up with - or even set - the latest trends.

4. Cultural Diversity

Anyone who embarks on a career in banquet catering in Oakville must understand their market, which, by some accounts, is becoming increasingly diverse, a fact that becomes all the more relevant when one remembers that competitor Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Restaurants and catering services in Oakville must challenge themselves to find ways to attract and retain customers from a range of backgrounds.

If the aforementioned "A Taste of Downtown Oakville" restaurant festival is any indicator, then the city's restaurants are already quite diverse, ranging from Italian to Thai to South African.

So there you have it, one author's musings on how the foodie culture of a place may impact its restaurant or catering services. In Oakville, many factors are at play, including easy access to information, activities, Toronto, and the food of many cultures.