Sunday, October 14, 2012

Amazing Fusion Roll at Senz, Santiago De Chile

Friday night, waiting for movies seance, and hungry. That's how I felt and I was already resigned to go to the "patio de comida" to eat a cheeseburger (yes, I like cheeseburger too ^^). So I was on my way when I saw this all new Asiatic-style bar. One look at the menu after, I was seated ordering some drinks for me and my girlfriend. (by the way the Piña Colada was top notch according to her)

The waitress at the entree presented us Senz like a "Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine". For those who don't know about Peruvian food, it's one of the best in the world in my opinion, with strong tastes and awesome sauces. On the menu you will find ceviches, fish and meat dishes, and about 20 different kinds of rolls. From traditionals to really originals ones, the choice isn't so easy as I wanted to try them all!

I go for the Nazka Roll: a maki with tuna, cream cheese, avocado, masago (fish roe), wrapped in white fish with rocoto salsa, a strong red Peruvian pepper.

The maki arrives very fast, which is good: I'm not gonna have to eat it in 2 minutes so I don't miss the movie. First, the presentation is nice: a long white plate, it's colorful, shiny, it really makes your mouth water. Some photos and a few ginger later, I put the first piece in my mouth. And it's good... very good... delicious! Under the tender white fish wrapping, the flavors arrive one after another, tuna, cream cheese... The rice is so light, you can feel every grain, perfectly cooked. The masago explodes with its salty taste, omg there's a party in my mouth! Then you can feel a little heat because of the rocoto salsa, but it's just the thing. (For those who have already eaten in a Peruvian restaurant, this rocoto salsa isn't as hot at all, fortunately). The heat becomes more pronounced as I eat more of this Nazca maki, but never too much, this is pretty cool as the experience changes after every bite.

My girlfriend took the "Filete del Mar", a local fish filet (reineta) with vegetables glazed with teriyaki sauce, and for tried it, it was really tasty too. The fish wasn't dry at all and the flavors were well balanced between salty and sweet.

The service was good, asking my girlfriend if the Piña Colada was at her taste, very polite, and ready to give advices about the menu. I liked the atmosphere too, cool music, not too loud, well lightened and quiet.

I wasn't motivated to eat in any restaurant, and finally I have enjoyed an awesome maki in this sushi bar. I'll definitely return there, and try another fusion roll.

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