Sunday, November 25, 2012

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn - Park Slope Restaurant

Park Slope restaurants offer delicious foods that can appeal to anyone. Park Slope, Brooklyn, a neighborhood in New York, is attractive and features casual dining establishments and classy restaurants. Crime rate in this section of the city is very low as there are many people with creative minds in this area. There are numerous Park Slope restaurants and bars, retail stores and many green grassy locations where both visitors and residents alike can frequent. Here are some of the best and favorite Park Slope restaurants.

Your Favorite Park Slope Restaurant

Convivium Osteria
An award winning restaurant, Convivium Osteria is considered as the one of the best casual dining Park Slope restaurant, serving mostly traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Launched in 2000, several critics have referred to this amazing restaurant as one of the most authentic and romantic restaurant in New York state as a whole. Entrees served integrate old but great world recipes from Portugal, Spain and Italy. Desserts are freshly baked, pasta is homemade everyday while the meat used is only from the naturally raised animals. This restaurant features 3 different living rooms; the historic Botega of Barcelona, farmhouse themed area and wine cellar area. Dinner is served 7 nights every week and making reservations in advance is recommended.

Aunt Suzie's Restaurant
Aunt Suzie's is also among the casual-style Park Slope restaurant due its Brooklyn and southern Italy influences. The restaurant prepares food in the old school Italian way with fresh ingredients, a wide variety of spices and a great deal of time for simmering. You can choose from a vast range of Italian dishes, wines, desserts, side and many more. Even if your preferred meal does not feature on the menu, just ask the chefs at this restaurant and they will prepare it for you.

Stone Park Café
A former wine shop with an attached grocery store, stone park restaurant opened its doors to customers for the first time in 2004. Owners and childhood friends, Josh Grinker and Josh Foster, converted this run down place into one of the best casual Park Slope restaurant it is today. With a rating of 3-stars by "New York post", this café has been a favorite place for food critics, tourists as well as locals. Stone Park Café is equipped with a sidewalk patio, good-size dining room and a full bar. It serves dinner, lunch and brunch, seven days every week. Walk-ins are allowed or you can make reservations for large parties too.

Santa Fe Grill
If you are looking for one of the laid back Park Slope restaurant then make a stop over at the Santé Fe Grill café and order some delicious drinks and authentic Mexican dishes. One of their characteristic appetizer sides is avocado fries, so you can order them and try them. Other menus are also available for people who do not like Mexican foods, including burgers, salads and chicken entrees. Santé Fe Grill requires no reservations and it is open 7 days every week for dinner and lunch. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the on site bar or the dining area.

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